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Stella and her Magic Wand

Phil Russotti and granddaughter Stella

This is a book about a little girl who saved the world with her magic wand.

When 6-year-old Stella loses a tooth during Covid, the Tooth Fairy leaves her a magic wand instead of money. She gently wakes Stella to tell her that the wand can only be used to do good. A couple of days later, Stella has an idea. She and her pet bird, Mr. Tweet Tweet, take flight to to change the world - and they do!

About the Authors

Stella and Grandpa Phil Russotti live in Brooklyn, New York. They co-wrote this book together during the pandemic.

Stella and Her Magic Wand Book Series.

  • Stella and Her Magic Wand - Paris now available
  • Stella and Her Magic Wand - London available Summer 2022
  • Stella and Her Magic Wand - Hawaii available 2023


"This book contains all the elements that grab and hold a child's imagination. The main character is a normal child, just like you. She wants to help other people by solving a big problem. She travels to a novel place to accomplish the good that she wants to do. And she uses magic! What more could you ask for?" - JK

"When Stella receives a magic wand from the Tooth Fairy, magical things happen! A creatively told story by a 6-year-old author. Enchanting, inspiring, and loved by the children in my life!" -SC

Connect with Stella

Stella and Her Magic Wand are now available in these bookstores

  • Unnameable Books, Brooklyn, NY
  • La Librarie des Enfants, New York City
  • McNally Jackson, Brooklyn, NY
  • Shakespeare & Co. New York NY
  • Darien Toy Box, Darien CT
  • The Toy Chest, Ridgefield, CT
  • Books on Common, Ridgefield CT
“Stella and I loved collaborating on this together and hope you enjoy!”
- Philip Russotti