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Leo & The Alien: The Story of the Alien Human Basketball Association

Phil Russotti and grandson Leo

Leo and Grandpa Phil Russotti co-wrote the book. They live in Brooklyn, New York.

Leo & the Alien is the story of two cousins who invent a new way to play basketball and wind up creating an intergalactic basketball league that brings fun and peace between two galaxies. The new game adds a third basket and another team. Each team defends one basket but can score on the other two, which makes for a freewheeling exciting new game. Little did they know that an alien from the planet Zenon would observe them playing their clever new game. The alien approaches the boys and invites them to his planet to teach the other aliens how to play the game. They love it and together they create the Alien-Human Basketball League that starts an unlikely friendship between the people on Earth and the aliens on Zenon. The story was inspired by Hoop Games, Tom Russotti’s re-invention of the traditional game of basketball in 2007. Watch the video here.


Grandpa Phil and Leo Russotti live in Brooklyn, New York. Phil is a semi-retired New York City trial attorney and Leo is a 4th-grader who likes math and Greek mythology. His favorite basketball player of all time is Kobe Bryant.

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